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BRAS… And what they lead to: Kink of the Week

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BRASSIERES…  Kink of the Week

I love to masturbate. Of course, nothing beats sex with a partner, and I absolutely love mutual masturbation, especially with my cock between her tits.  But I don’t always have a partner.

Sometimes masturbation is a calculated thing; I set out my lubes and toys deciding which to use, I’ll read some of my friends steamy stories, maybe look at their photos or some amateur porn, starting with photos, progressing to videos, all the while stroking away. Sometimes this is satisfying and sometimes not, but always fun. And usually with a happy ending.

Then, there are those times when something sets me off, something that is so arousing and triggers a need so great that I have to stroke my cock till I cum. That is the ultimate and most pleasurable form of masturbation, unexpected and with uncontrollable urgency. Last Friday was one of those days.

A woman I have known for many years had asked me if I could fix something at her house. She is a single mom and I’ve always looked out for her, although never pursued her because she is more like a daughter to me. That has not stopped me from being in major lust for her as she is the type of sexy I like, just not acting on those urges. I told her I would drop by when I got a chance, as I knew where the key was hidden.

Friday I had some time and went by in the afternoon, so I wouldn’t disturb anyone, and repaired the shelf in her dinning room. About halfway finished, I went to the back of the house to use the bathroom, and I peeked into her bedroom, there were bras scattered everywhere! This immediately turned me on. Not expecting me, she had not straightened up (and to be honest, the shelf wasn’t in the bedroom). I had not seen that many bras on a floor since a swingers party in Chicago a few years ago, and my cock started to get hard. She has fantastic tits and loves to display them in low cut blouses, and I have fantasized about fucking her tits on more than one occasion…. Like Every Time I See Them!  But, I was there for a purpose, so I finished the job, my cock swollen the whole time with thoughts of her and her bras.

I got home still in an aroused state and I knew what I had to do.  I started stroking slowly as I fantasized encircling her areola with my tongue, and then as I drew her nipple into my mouth to suck, I started to stroke my engorged cock faster. Placing my cock between her breasts I start to pump back and forth, the head of my cock being caressed by her swollen nipples as she pushes her tits together. Not wanting to cum just yet I pull away. My mind wanders down her stomach, my tongue trailing behind, and taking her mound in my mouth I start to tongue and suck through her wet thong. I imagined lowering her down, quickly stripping off her thong and parting her lips with the head of my cock, rubbing up and down before slowly pushing inside… at this point I could feel myself ready to explode and could no longer hold back. I was out of breath and spent from all mthose images in my mind as I released into my hand.

* * * * ** * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

This type of visual stimulation and the arousal it causes reminded me of a time about 15 years ago. We were doing some work on a house, and the wife was a sexy skinny MILF about 30 years old with small breasts. While in a closet area, I saw a bra hanging on a hook… I’ll never forget it, an innocent baby blue lacy affair. I started to get stiff when I saw it, not fantasying about her, but remembering my second wife’s tiny tits and how she liked me to tit fuck her. It was more effort than it was worth, but I did not tell her that, and she always wanted me to cum in her mouth, so there was that. She would squeeze her breasts together and had a way of catching the head in her fingers as I thrust up and massaging.  And, that’s what mafe my cock throb as I gazed at that dainty  brassiere, and thought of both sets of tiny titties.



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2 comments on “BRAS… And what they lead to: Kink of the Week

  1. SassyCat
    April 19, 2016

    A hot little story.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. explorer3000
    September 13, 2016

    Hot story………..


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