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Sexy Eyes


Sexy Eyes ~ Masturbation Monday Week 148

Morning light is creeping in along the sides of the window shade.  It’s early, nice and warm in bed. I wake finding that my hand is wrapped around my penis. That feels good and I start to squeeze as I recall a friend’s story I read last night. It was called Pretty Poetry and the photo accompanying the story had caused my cock to immediately stiffen.  A woman’s bottom raised in the air, silk stockings held up by a garter belt, her cunt lips just visible. I fantasize it is the author, perhaps it is, I would like to think so.

My friend likes to be spanked and I imagine she is spread over my lap, waiting. How would I spank her, gently at first and then slapping harder. My penis would be hard and in need of release, till finally I could stand it no longer and would have to move her over, ass in the air, pulling off my pants I would grip her ass and push the head of my cock against her gaping slit, pushing till her lips yielded and I began to slide in. I like to start slowly, but I think at this point I would loose control and fuck her as fast and hard as I could. I’d give her something to write about.

As I imagine this fantasy, I’m squeezing my cock feeling it fat and swelling in my hand. It feels good and I begin to pull the foreskin up, sliding the skin up and down over the head. The helmet shape feels good between my fingers and I think of the bit of Audio Porn Cara had included, reading the poem in her story. Hearing her calm breathy  voice had turned me on last night and as I pull on my cock now there is a tingling sensation in my balls and my ass begins to clench, and legs stiffen.

I think of this line in her story… her breasts barely contained in her bra… and I immediately think of another friend who sent me some sexy shots of her breasts swelling in a pretty brassiere. She loves to show off her cleavage and knows it excites me. I turn on my iPad and it lights the room as I find her text.

I imagine standing before her, and reaching behind, undo the clasp. She is staring up at me with her hypnotic eyes as she slides off the bra straps. Squeezing her breasts together she asks me what I would like to do with them. “Would you like to suck my nipples? Put your cock between and fuck them before sliding into my mouth?”

I’m staring at one of her photos as I pump my shaft, squeezing my sack I tense and spurt onto my stomach.  Exhausted, I’ve enjoyed my morning with Cara’s story and Bunny’s photos.



Masturbation Monday Week 148… Be sure to visit and see Marie’s sexy photo to get this week started.



Doing my bit to help Smutathon 2017, where a bunch of horny writers get together to pound the typewriter (probably not all they will be pounding) for 12 hours straight and churn out some smutty porn… can’t wait to read. And all for a good cause… here is how the gorgeous Other Livvy put it:

“It’s just 12 hours until Smutathon 2017!! In 12 hours, all of the intrepid writers in this extraordinary challenge will start writing their smut and filth and delicious delights to see what wonders we can produce in 12 hours to raise money for Backlash UK and Rape Crisis England and Wales.”







3 comments on “Sexy Eyes

  1. TheSecretLifeOfPandas
    July 1, 2017

    Love this

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Kayla Lords
    July 5, 2017

    You have the BEST imagination. Give you a little fodder and let you go, and we ALL win. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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