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Japanese Erotic Etched Ivory


Japanese Erotic Etched Ivory… Sinful Sunday #359

Due to the proliferation of Cock Shots brought on by Molly’s FebruaryPhotoFest2018, I thought I would give my faithful readers a rest and show you this amazing display of  Japanese Erotica.  I was installing artworks at a client’s house and saw these sitting on a window ledge. They were unlike any of the other art she had, and I commented as such and asked if I could take a photograph.  She said yes, that they were given to her by a dear friend over fifty years ago. She said they were quite old then.

Pieces of etched ivory held together by red thread.  About 3″ high. I wonder the original purpose, I also don’t think they are in any particular order, perhaps they might tell a story if they were.  Perhaps someone can shed some light.

Never let it be said that The Life of Elliott is not educational.

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26 comments on “Japanese Erotic Etched Ivory

  1. Cara Thereon
    February 24, 2018

    Those look really cool. I love the artwork

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  2. cammiesonthefloor
    February 24, 2018

    I love the look of those, how cool!

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  3. LittleSwitchBitch
    February 24, 2018

    Ooooh how interesting – I will be checking back in in case anyone has as info on them x

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  4. Molly
    February 24, 2018

    Never seen anything like that before but they look really cool


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  5. May
    February 24, 2018

    Beautiful Elliott and I bet they felt fantastic

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  6. mmalflic
    February 24, 2018

    Super Cool! Have never seen such a thing.

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  7. Mrs Fever
    February 24, 2018

    I’m fairly certain these would be considered shunga carvings, though they are not technically shunga-netsuke (which are erotic carved miniature ivory figurines). I’d hazard them to be shunga panels.

    Panels, whether created on/with silk or bone, tend to depict sex scenes in much the way the kama sutra does.

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  8. Jo
    February 24, 2018

    I love erotic art – I’ve seen lots of carvings like this in stores and museums in Asia, and they’re always delightful!

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  9. Indigo
    February 24, 2018

    Thanks for sharing these images Elliot, little vignettes to make the heart and the loins beat faster. What a wonderful item to encounter in your daily life…
    Indie x

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    • Life of Elliott...
      February 25, 2018

      Sure took me by surprise. The woman is 90 years old and my brain went into overdrive as I imagined her younger years. Her art collection is amazing. We had a great talk, although not about the ivory on her window sill.


  10. Posy Churchgate
    February 25, 2018

    So unusual! thanks for sharing

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  11. victoriablisseuk
    February 25, 2018

    These are beautiful!

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  12. books1799
    February 25, 2018

    At last a moment of respite Elliott! Fascinating objects containing a lot of useful information. I will be zooming in later for a closer look at all the ins and outs.

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  13. GirlOnTheNet
    February 25, 2018

    Ooh that’s amazing! The detail in them is really gorgeous. Thank you for sharing!

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  14. A Savoy
    February 25, 2018

    I’ve seen these little panels other places but as stand alones, not all tied together. I wonder if they’re intended to be displayed separately? I also wonder about who gave them to her and what their relationship was… 🙂


  15. MPB
    February 25, 2018

    These are wonderful. What a wonderful find and so pleased you shared xx


  16. Violet
    February 25, 2018

    Exquisite!id love to know more!


  17. missy
    February 25, 2018

    Wow. I was enjoying the cock shots but these are stunning too and I have never seen anything like them. Really interesting 🙂


  18. jerusalemmortimer
    February 25, 2018

    These are a truly amazing and beautiful find.
    There are similar pieces in the Beate Unse Erotik Museum in Berlin. There’s probably someone there who knows a lot about them. In fact there must be: they’ve acquired a lot of Chinese and Japanese erotic images in different media.
    Me, I don’t know much about them, but I’d guess they’re 19th century, and that they’re meant to be looked at individually.
    That is, I don’t think they’re meant to tell a story, consecutively.

    But that’s a fascinating find, and a great photo!


  19. jerusalemmortimer
    February 25, 2018

    Damn! I just saw the Erotik Museum is closed, and they haven’t found a new home for the exhibits yet.


  20. Marie Rebelle
    February 27, 2018

    Those must be such a treasure to have!

    Rebel xox


  21. Wow! Amazing find. It’s pretty serendipitous that you happened to be in the right place at the right time, and that the client was amenable to you photographing it.


  22. sub-Bee
    March 4, 2018

    They’re beautiful.


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