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Waiting in the Jag

School Reunion… from Dave’s Diary June 8th 2017

I took Sue along to my “school re–union” get together a stupid thing really….I had forgotten what my school pals were like and I`d certainly forgotten all their names. Anyway, during the evening I did actually manage to remember a couple of the “old boys”  We caused a mini-sensation because although almost everyone did have their wives with them, Sue was the only woman who was dressed really sexily – a very short skirt and stockings and suspenders plus a very low cut blouse showing a lot of cleavage.  One of the “boys” – now in his sixties of course, did come up to me and say, “ You never had anything I wanted at school, mate ….but you`ve got something I want now!”

“You mean Sue”

“Cor…yeah…she`s gorgeous!”   He had clearly been plucking up the courage to say this  all evening and I wish I had a photo of the expression on his face when I said,  “You think she looks sexy eh? Would you like to fuck her, John?”

He couldn`t speak…he just looked at me with his mouth open and gulped…..

Why had I said that ?…they were such a stuffy lot…putting on a big show of being so prim and proper. I was taking a chance though – I didn`t know for sure whether Sue would go along with it but I still said, “ I mean it John, if you want to fuck my wife be in the car park in ten minutes: wait for us by the blue Jaguar on the far side, O.K? “

He still couldn`t speak – we walked off  leaving him standing there.

Sue went to the ladies to have a pee and check her make up – I told her not to  bother to put her knickers back on !  She came back to join me and we wandered out to the car park.

“There he is…waiting by the side of our car….”  I said ,giving her the car keys “You go over, I`ll stay on this corner and keep watch in case anyone comes out.”  From where I stood I had a good view of the double doors to the hall and our Jaguar which was in the corner of the car park under a light. It was quite a  warm evening and Sue had decided not to get into the car but rather to take John around the back. She put her arms go around his neck – then they were kissing. I could just see her pushing her tongue into his mouth and immediately I could see his cock spring to attention inside his trousers. Still kissing, she reached down and unzipped him her hand going down the front of his trousers. She  released his hard cock she got down on her knees on the tarmac ( like the filthy slut she is ) and began to give his cock a good sucking, by this time I was unzipped too and was wanking my own stiff cock. She stood up releasing his shiny cock and he pushed her back until she was lying on the Jag. boot lid. He quickly levered her legs apart and she was just the right height for him to lean forward and thrust his cock straight up her. I knew she would be very wet by this time and he started to fuck  her . I could see the car rocking I knew from her low moans exactly how much she was enjoying herself She knew I wouldn`t be worried about the Jaguars suspension – I`d told her often enough how tough it was !  

John was grunting with pleasure and I think he was just shooting his load as I heard the squeak of the double doors of the hall, then a woman`s loud voice,  “Excuse me,” “I`m looking for my husband….I don`t suppose he`s come out here has he?”

“Oh, yes, he did cum out here….he`s been looking at our Jaguar.”  I explained.

John must have nearly had a heart attack. He pulled out of Sue hurriedly and still dripping spunk, put his cock away and zipped up, then walked a bit sheepishly over towards us. Sue stayed by the car and stepped back a bit into the shadows. The woman was saying, “No, there is no chance of it :  we are not buying a Jaguar, so you can forget it !

“O.K. – O.K”  said John, and I could hear the relief in his voice,   “ I was only looking.”

Sue had broken one of her own rules. She had let a married man fuck her.  Her knickers were still in her handbag and I just couldn`t resist feeling between her legs where John`s  cum had been seeping down her thighs. I wanted to get down there and then and lick her clean but I thought we`d better leave under the circumstances.  John`s wife had looked slightly “suspicious” but as I had been out in the car park too it was unthinkable in her mind that her husband had been having it away with Sue while I was there!   She was clearly a narrow minded “prude”  – very briefly, I did feel sorry for John.

We were back home in ten  minutes, both the girls were out so being the dirty sod I am I got Sue  up on the kitchen worktop and licked up the spunk that was still dribbling out of her cunt before she went up for a shower.


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This week we take a peek into Dave’s diary for a visit to his class reunion. As always, these are their words. The stories are true. I can’t decide which one I naughtier, I think it’s a tie.  EH

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8 comments on “SCHOOL REUNION… by Dave

  1. books1799
    November 2, 2018

    Very hot indeed. In fact I feel as if I’ve been singed.I went to a school reunion once when I was in my 20s . But nothing like this. Though it was very stuffy. I was dressed casually and everyone else looked like bank managers. Perhaps I should go back to one now.. Who knows, things might have changed.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. May
    November 5, 2018

    Wow – this is such a hot, down to earth series – love it more please 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Marie Rebelle
    November 7, 2018

    I have never been to a school reunion, but if I know for sure there will be some fun like this, I would definitely go! Great story!

    Rebel xox

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Jo
    November 8, 2018

    The line about the suspension made me chuckle!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Cara Thereon
    November 8, 2018

    They certainly have more fun than most.


  6. Kayla Lords
    November 13, 2018

    I’d say it’s definitely a tie between who’s naughtier, lol.


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