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Paying For It… by Dave

Dave Paying For It from his diary – re written by Sue

My views on buying and selling sex ? I have no problem with it – I have paid cash for sex several times. The last time was when we were on vacation in France and I had a young lap dancer doing her stuff between my legs – she did have big tits and a very nice arse and she definitely had a lovely smooth, young and sexy body. The girls in this club were supposed to be 21 or more but I would have bet money that this one was no more than 20 and very hairy between her legs for such a young woman. The girls were also NOT SUPPOSED to offer sex to clients but of course they do and my offer soon came – 300 euros which Sue offered to pay if I wanted to go with this girl. “It can be an early birthday present,” Sue said. “O.K. thanks – I will,” I said, my cock already stiff in my trousers for this girl. Her name was Nina and she led us up the stairs at the back of the club, still partly naked – I watched her cute shapely arse as it wiggled in front of my eyes. I turned to ask Sue, “ Are you coming as well ?
“Yes , if Nina doesn`t mind – I`d like to come and watch,” Sue replied.
“No it`s O.K. “ Nina said.
Once inside a room on the first floor, Nina told me in her broken English ( I think she was Polish ) “Strip your clothes if you like.” There was a bed in the centre of the small room and I got out of my clothes and lay back on the bed, my cock sticking up like a flag pole. “You like suck ?” Nina asked, as she got on the bed beside me. “Yes, I like suck,” I told her, as she took my cock in her warm hand. “Very nice cock,” she said as her pretty head descended and I felt her wet lips around my knob. “I bet you say that to everyone…..” “No, no,” she said, lifting her head temporarily from her task. “Very, very bootiful cock.” before sinking down on my shaft again. I thought this girl could be about sixteen but if she was as young as that, she had definitely sucked a few dicks before. I had to stop her after a couple of minutes – otherwise I would have cum in her mouth and I wanted to sample more of her young body. “You like fuck now?” she asked, reaching for a packet of condoms on the side table. “Yes, but no condoms,” I pleaded. “100 euros more for no condom” I`m being “fucked” here, I thought. Sue has already handed over 300 – now she wants another 100 for me to shag her bareback !! So did I walk out with a fucking big erection or did Sue pay up? She paid up. Sue opened her bag and gave the girl 100 euros……… I thought – I`ll get all the sensory delights I can from this girl… I got her young legs spread wide and I made a meal of her fresh pink slit, opening up her inner lips to get my tongue into her and lubricate her neat vagina with my saliva…..then I opened her buttocks and tongued her little brown hole…..she was very sweet and did tremble a bit as I tried to push my tongue into her arse hole. I`m not sure how excited I got this girl but I certainly got myself very excited and I was so stiff it was almost painful. Sue was suddenly by my side wanting to have a suck.
“A 100 euros extra for woman to suck” Nina announced. Sue got out of her clothes and got on the bed ,parting the thick pubic bush before getting her head down to begin.
“You want fuck now ?” . Nina asked looking at me. “Yes, I want fuck now,” I told her as I mounted her . Sue took hold of my swollen cock and aimed in the right direction. She was tight, but not as tight as I`d expected her to be. Although it was a “paid for” experience, for me, that didn`t effect the pleasure of it. After a short while Nina began to push back at me and I felt my climax approaching in the distance. I leaned right forward to lick and suck her erect nipples, altering the angle of my penetration to rub her clitoris as I did so. If I was expecting this girl to have an orgasm, I was wrong…..she didn`t respond much at all to my cock against her clitty….but I did and a few more thrusts and I was shooting my load inside her body. “Was nice?” she was asking. “Very nice,” I gasped, “ but I want to lick you out now.” I`m not sure she fully understood me but I climbed off her holding her legs still wide apart and got my face down there to lick up my spunk that was running out of her cunt hole. At the same time my nose was in contact with her clitoris – I was making a last effort to give this sweet girl an orgasm….I know there was no need to bother —but that`s what I`m like……and in the end after actually licking the very tip of her clitty – I did succeed and she had one big orgasm !
Then Sue continued what I had started and tongued the girl until she had another shuddering orgasm.


This story straight from Dave, via Sue, for your reading pleasure. Please let them know what you think, and have you had a similar experience?

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4 comments on “Paying For It… by Dave

  1. Posy Churchgate
    November 12, 2018

    Oooh they get about, don’t they?! Loved this, how raw and real it was – and I can well imagine girls who do lapdances are just as dispassionate as this!


  2. Marie Rebelle
    November 13, 2018

    I have once had a lapdance from a girl, the one time I was in Vegas, and she offered to go private with me, but I said no. I would have loved to go with her, but didn’t have the guts.
    I’m curious as to what year the above story happened… the no-condom part made me feel uncomfortable.

    Rebel xox


  3. Kayla Lords
    November 13, 2018

    Goodness, they have SO many adventures!


  4. LordRaven
    November 14, 2018

    what a wonderful adventure at the club. I see nothing wrong with paying for it when all parties agree. I will admit I have once or twice in my wilder youth.
    thank you for sharing


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