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Younger Days… by Sue

        When I was younger than I should have been to see an erect penis, let alone hold one in my hand a young lad taught me how to wank him off. I watched his balls jerking, his sperm jetting from his cock, splattering the deserted classroom floor as I moved my hand up and down his solid shaft. He grimaced as if in pain. My first cock. My first sight of sperm.

         Living in a village, we all knew each other. My mother let me play with boys in the woods and take friends up to my bedroom. My early teens were littered with boys who led me along the path of sexual discovery. I allowed them to grope inside my panties, fondle the lips of my pussy. But the boys were hopeless, fumbling between my legs and massaging the wrong places, so I never experienced an orgasm.

          I remember one weekend staying at a girl friend`s house overnight. She was the same age as me, too young to know very much. We snuggled up in bed together, our hands instinctively wandering over each other`s naked bodies. She stroked the lips of my pussy, ran her fingertip up and down my crack. I remember shuddering and digging my fingernails into the mattress as she slipped beneath the quilt and licked the smooth flesh of my private place.  I had enjoyed the experience. My girl juice had flowed, wetting my young friend`s face. But still I hadn`t come. In my tender years, I knew nothing of female orgasm. I knew instinctively that I should have experienced something more than those pleasant surface sensations. There was much more to sex as I was soon to discover.

I eventually found my clitoris and the huge pleasure it could bring me. Through my mid teens I had dozens of boys and a few more girls.  I`m not sure why I never became a full blown lesbian as the girls always gave me more pleasure.

          By the time I met Dave, I had become an expert cock sucker.  I was 18 and he was 27. I was working part time behind the bar in a local pub when he came in with his girl friend, she had a really big pair of tits and big brown eyes and I thought he was very handsome. He bought a couple of drinks and they went to sit in a corner. All the time they were in the pub he kept turning to look at me. His girl friend didn`t seem to notice.

           The next time he came into the pub he was alone and immediately he asked me out.  I said, “What about your girl friend ?” “I`ve finished with her.” he said.

            So we had our first date. He was a great kisser and his hands were all over me but I could tell he was inexperienced about sex. On that first date I got his cock out and sucked it. I sucked him right off and I swallowed his sperm, I was used to doing it with loads of other boys but it seemed to delight Dave and after that, our relationship went from strength to strength.

              We were always very honest with each other. He told me how much he liked large breasts and I told him how much I liked big cocks. I was quite flat chested in those days and his cock certainly wasn`t big, although it was different being circumcised. I had no experience of circumcised cocks then although I have had a few more since.

               I think the main reason he wanted to marry me was because I was an expert cock sucker and a complete slut . He wanted his very own cock sucker for ever. I remember him telling me that most of his other girl friends refused to do it at all.

               Fast forward many years. Dave has still got his enthusiastic cock sucker and he`s also now got a wife with big tits ( after having four babies) even if they are sagging a bit. I`m getting my share of big cocks, Dave is a devoted “wife watcher” and he adores the thought me having big cocks and eating out pussy. I`m ready and willing for all : as long as they are not married and as long as I fancy them of course.

I know you`ll think I`m a dirty slut, but the thing is Dave and I have never considered there to be anything wrong with sex : it`s just a normal human appetite.


This is not one of Sue’s Diary Pages, but more of an essay, almost a confessional, she sent to me. I enjoyed reading this honest work and asked her if I might share it on my blog. She said ‘Yes, if you think it is suitable.’ I think it is, don’t you?

Oh, attached was this photo of  young Sue.

young Sue







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7 comments on “Younger Days… by Sue

  1. Livia Flair
    December 21, 2018

    No this is the content I signed up for. Love the head on the cock

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Marie Rebelle
    December 25, 2018

    Sounds like you had the best start 🙂

    Rebel xox

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Posy Churchgate
    December 25, 2018

    Love Sue’s honesty and ebullience – she’s a strong woman with a mind of her own and her frankness about her sexual needs and enjoyment is refreshing. She adds a great twist to your already delicious blog Elliott xx

    Liked by 1 person

  4. May
    December 26, 2018

    This was very interesting and sexy – finding out more about your sexual journey – thanks Sue 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Kayla Lords
    December 29, 2018

    I am fascinated with that kind of self-discovery of sexual pleasure because it’s so foreign to me (like many I was absolutely repressed). I love that two such sexually open people were able to find each other. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Howie
    July 4, 2020

    Loved this account so much as it reminds me so much of my own beginning….though my wife changed after being married. I had hoped she would be just like you❤❤Howie


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