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An OffBeat Experience

I recently picked up an OffBeat Masturbator. It is fabulous and one of the best cock strokers I’ve had. I wanted to share the news with my friends and shed a little light on my obsession with cock sleeves and masturbation, and let’s not forget cock rings.

I have been married twice. The first time we liked each other, we liked sex, and it was the kind of thing you did in the ’60s, get married after college and start a family. We had a good marriage, did the kind of things kids do, took naughty Polaroid photos, played strip poker with friends and even wife-swapped once. But after ten years we decided we wanted different lives, we have always been and still are best of friends. My second marriage was based on sex, drugs, and rock & roll. That lasted four years, we parted ways and have not seen each other since. In between and after, I had an active sex life which consisted of dating, one night stands, and sex clubs…  pretty much seeing how many women I could fuck. I rarely masturbated.

That changed about 20 years ago when I moved to an island.  A small population, with limited opportunities to find age appropriate sex partners not interested in marriage. I do have a few friends on the mainland for play, but mostly here it’s a solitary sex life, there have been a few hook-ups.

I had never seen a masturbation sleeve until about 15 years ago when I bought my first one online, I think from Adam & Eve. I didn’t know much about sex toys till I started looking at sex stores online. I did have a cock ring once, or rather a strap, one of those leather ones with snaps that my second wife got when she went to a Lady’s Sex Toy Party at a friend’s house in the early 80’s. We really didn’t know what it was for, but it was fun to play with. She also got a thin vibrator, as she loved anal sex and that was the first time I tried that, but that’s another story. So, I bought my first penis sleeve and a cock ring and I was off to the races. Since then I can’t begin to count how many I have bought. Most of them I have tossed, but I checked and I have 34 penis sleeves in a box. I use three on a regular basis, but will be going down to two now that I have this one. One for when I am stiff and one for flaccid use.

The Godemiche Masturbator, that’s the official name, is fabulous! And, you would not be reading this if it wasn’t. I have the Grande model and there is a smaller model for stroking the head of your penis that I intend to buy. img_0087As you see, the inside is covered with little balls, or penis moguls that will caress your shaft as you slide it up and down. You must have a nice erection and plenty of lube to enjoy this toy. Much thought went into this sleeve, as the outside is ribbed so it does not elude one’s grasp while in use, and the balls inside are effective, which is not the case of many sleeves. But the best part is the material of the sleeve. It is luxurious, that’s the best way to describe it. I’ve not had a sleeve that moves in my fingertips like this one, so that I can caress my cock, whether the shaft or the glans. It’s as if I can feel my penis thru the material.IMG_9319 It really is toe curling as I glide up and down applying pressure where I want it, squeezing the glans between thumb and forefinger through the sleeve or massaging my frenulum. I love to masturbate, sometimes by Facetime when a friend is in the mood, or by sexting or exchanging photos, or just looking at people I know’s photos on twitter or their blog posts. Long before I started my sex blog, I joined  Zoig, an amateur homemade, user-submitted porn site. I got in at theIMG_9325 start 10 years ago and bought a lifetime membership for $100, best 100 bucks I’ve ever spent.  A masturbater’s paradise, fun to look and perfect to show off, I asked some Zoig friends that like my blog if I could use their image for my story, so my stroker was put to the task as I watched them sucking and fucking. An important feature is the open end, as part of masturbating is the visual, and seeing my cock head emerge as I stroke is exciting, as is watching my jism erupt during orgasm. I took it to ‘America’, as we like to say when going to the mainland, and let a friend use it on me. She liked the way it felt in her hand and that the end was open, I’ll let you guess why. I’ve promised her a dildo… Pearlescent Blue anyone, that’s my color, imagine ‘color coordinated mutual masturbation.’

So, do I like it? Hell yes I like it!


I want to be perfectly clear, I have not been asked to review this cock sleeve, I just love it. Here is an official photo of the Masturbators and the link to check it out… Godemiche Masturbator

The photo shows the larger sleeves, I plan on buying the small masturbator to use with my HotOctopuss Atom Plus vibrator. That will be toe curling at it’s finest. (they have not asked me to plug them either, I just love that one too)



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