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FRANKIE… from Sue’s Diary Part 2

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Page Two

Once inside his passions overcame him and after locking the door he hugged me from the rear. Undoing buttons and unzipping his trousers he pulled out his horny length and slid it between my silky buttocks. I tried to grip the thrusting cock head between my fingers. “Oh what a length” I gasped as Frankie`s hands cupped my tits. Then he began panting and moaning with lust pumping his cock against my buttocks. “Enough, darling – you will cum if you go on like this any longer”  I said, pulling away slowly. “Now get undressed, sit down and relax and wank slowly, O.K ?”  I said, leading him to the settee. Frankie then stripped down to his satin girdle and nylons and his huge cock bounced inside a pair of peach coloured knickers. He lay back stroking his cock and I stood before him, turning slowly undoing the remaining buttons of my dress , eventually revealing my buttocks. Frankie was moaning again with lust. I paraded my big bum in front of him, wobbling and shuddering the silk knickers creasing into my  bum cleft. I could see that Frankie`s cock was oozing spunk through his own knickers as I advanced before him. I turned to squat onto his weapon, legs spread. Frankie gasped with pleasure as he felt my full weight on his belly. I reached under and grabbed his massive cock and began to toss it frantically. The spunk flew from Frankie`s cock directly upwards splashing onto my brassiered tits and then cascaded over my knickered thighs. I cooed with delight at the amount of spunk which almost obscured my hands. “Mmm.. lovely Frankie.  I enjoyed that, but I hope you`ve got lots more for me.. I want to drain you dry !”  I told him.

Page Three next week…

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In case you missed the first part of this true story, go to Page One. You won’t want to miss the conclusion next week… will Sue drain Frankie dry??? Elliott

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3 comments on “FRANKIE… from Sue’s Diary Part 2

  1. Kayla Lords
    January 8, 2019

    Glad someone took control of the situation or it might have ended far too soon. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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