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Diary Excerpts #100~#102… Guest Post

Dear Diary

Diary Excerpts #100~#102… Guest Post

100….I didn’t realize at the time that this was the 100th time because I hadn’t been numbering each visit till later when I started getting close to filling my diary.   I had no idea I had gone so many times although the last few months had been the most frequent visits as each week I go again.   The money I’ve spent having sex would be enough to buy a small car but I figure I don’t smoke , don’t drink much or spend money on much else for myself so this is my vice … I’m 58 at this time and started when I was 53.
I return knowing that Julie would still be replacing Lucy.
Again she was delighted to see someone she knew away from home and we laughed and teased like 16yr olds having sex while mom is in the next room.
We lightly kiss and make love.  During intercourse however my mind wanders and I loose my firmness.  Julie still wears the girdle to hide her soft belly but offers to take it off ‘only for me’ , so I can take the condom off and cum on her belly.  When I see her motherly natural body totaly naked my cock leapt up and Julie quickly put the condom on as she wants me to cum in her.   While hugging we chat like 2 girls gossiping.   She gets up and we sit on the bed facing each other , closely excitedly talking in whispered tones.
I hadn’t realized Lucy was in another bedroom just outside the door resting after the operation.  I think the ladies must have been fighting because julie told me Lucy was ‘crazy’.    “She’s really angry and sits around feeling sorry for herself all day”
It was weird how nice it felt to be let into their daily lives even if it was an argument.
My consoling paid off as Julie kept saying if it wasn’t for seeing nice guys like me she would have gone already…then lent forward and kissed my lips.  She ended saying she was supposed to stay for 3 more weeks but she might be gone sooner.

101… I return 2 weeks later expecting Julie to still be there but Lucy’s smiling face greets me.   I’m happy to see her but wished Julie was around as well.  The love making is as sweet and loving as always and we end up talking about her illness.   There were no scar’s as it had been a minor opp’ through the mouth.  The cancer couldn’t be removed so she’d have to go again for treatment.
As I leave I have the feeling of being a husband saying goodbye to his wife.    One of the best things about paying for sex is that I can choose a different girl everytime if I want to , though it is nice to grow a friendship with Lucy.

102…due to my mistake reading the address I almost knock on a strangers door but it felt wrong somehow.  I’d gone to see Mimi the next week.   By the time I got there it was 10min into my booked time.  Mimi literally jumped up and down when she saw me.
She was a short , beautiful bubbly asian lady that could have been either 20 or 35 yrs old. Her body was a bit round but still brown and amazingly soft skinned but with muscles.   Her big firm boobs hardly bounced as she opened the door still giggling with excitement.
I hadn’t met her before so I knew it was an act but it still felt great to be so welcomed.  I was a bit uneasy with her nakedness though because the doorway was fully exposed to a 6 lane busy road and there she was naked in the open doorway.
We jumped into bed as soon as I undressed with mimi’s help.  I was all over her and she seemed to love it all.
Being so short she was easy to throw around as I spread her and licked her pussy then groped her tits that felt very natural but seemed too firm to be real even standing up as she lay back.  The urgency and fun we were having was amazing and her bouncy  nature was endearing as I pounded her.  The problem was that because I had been late another guy was coming soon so she had to jump off my cock to answer the door.   She came back in and said sorry but asked if coming on her tits would be faster?   I came then got dressed.
Even with the rushed visit she was such a fun girl I thought I’d come see her again.

103….it’s february 2018 now and I’d just been going to Lucy so I hadn’t written about each time I see her because its always fantastic , always loving and emotional.  It may have been 3 or 4 times that I’d seen her since I last wrote….not sure which.
We are so natural with each other these days that Lucy knows its okay to ask if she wanted to be massaged instead of giving one.
She reveals, as I run my hands over her naked body , that she’s really stressed about the radioactive treatment coming up.
We hug long and strong then face to face , nose to nose , we lay embraceing sharing the pain , sharing the fear.  Without words for 10min we stay like that….wipeing tears away and hugging it out before a sad but heartfelt goodbye.  I’ll keep the count in this diary  as 2 visits though I know there were more.

✗ ✗ ✗ ✗ ✗ ✗ ✗ ✗ ✗ ✗ ✗ ✗ ✗ ✗ ✗ ✗ ✗ ✗ ✗ ✗ ✗

Meet Howie… a 53 year old happily married man living in Queensland, Australia. Unfortunately for Howie, his wife is no longer interested in sex. But, Howie still is, and since he loves his wife, and would never be unfaithful, he seeks relief from sex workers. Howie is not a writer, just an ordinary family man who keeps a diary, well hidden I’m sure, here is a page or two.

✗ ✗ ✗ ✗ ✗ ✗ ✗ ✗ ✗ ✗ ✗ ✗ ✗ ✗ ✗ ✗ ✗ ✗ ✗ ✗ ✗

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7 comments on “Diary Excerpts #100~#102… Guest Post

  1. Howie
    April 17, 2020

    Hi this is howie.
    I just wanted to say hello to anyone who reads this.
    I’m isolated with my wife at home these days so reliving these days from my dairy have helped me get through the days.
    I can’t believe it’s been 2 years since then!
    I last saw Lucy on the 20th of march so just before escorts were told to cease tradeing. I can’t wait to see her again ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  2. David Mei
    April 17, 2020

    Good luck with tour forced isolation. Keep writing Is a healthy outlet. Most of the time.


  3. Howie
    April 18, 2020

    Thankyou , many horny mornings ahead😎


  4. Marie Rebelle
    April 22, 2020

    It seems you have made quite a lot of friends over the years, Howie. Stay strong during isolation!

    Rebel xox


    • Howie
      May 14, 2020

      Thanks Rebel , you stay safe too❤
      I hope the ladies I go to feel relaxed after our time together.
      I’m missing them now though…’s been a couple of months😓
      Howie , kisses and hugs to you too.❤


  5. Kayla Lords
    April 30, 2020

    I think people can spend their money where they like, and it makes sense that if you don’t have other “vices” or ways you spend your money, why not on this?


    • Howie
      May 14, 2020

      Exactly!!! Thanks Kayla😎
      Going to escorts gives me release from the tension and fustration of a sexless marrige. I’m a happier person afterwards😁❤
      Howie xx

      Liked by 1 person

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