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Diary Excerpt #28… Guest Post

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DIARY… Excerpt #28… This is still early days of going to escorts for me.  I had gained some confidence in myself from the most recent ladies I had been with so I was feeling pretty calm about going to an escort I had seen before.  My heart began sinking when told the escort I’d hoped to see was busy and only one other lady was available.  I’d driven almost an hour to this place so I felt I had to at least see someone , just wishing whoever she is turns out to be nice.
SUE comes in through the door dressed in a flowery dress with string ties over her bare shoulders.  Braless big boobs barely contained , not that it looked like she would care if they fell out.  Sue was barrel bodied , big busted and looked like the average ‘woman next door’ who’d had a hard life but could handle anything thrown at her.
“Gidday luv” in a thick aussie accent , “right to go?”.    Sue grabs my arm and drags me down the hall to our room then points , “shower mate , then lets play allright!”   I shower as she drops the dress and flicks it onto a chair with her foot , then flops on the bed and begins a well practiced routine of oiling her pussy , wiping her body with a towel and preparing condoms and lubricant to be in easy reach for when needed.   I get out and dry off then stand at the foot of the bed.  Sue flashes a quick smile then spreads her heavy legs saying “okay darl’ , come play with these a bit and we’ll see how things go” , pushing her big tits up and flopping them at me to entise my penis to begin growing from its shy small softness.  As I begin playing with them she goes on to explain her rules…”so no kissing on my lips , condom on for blowie and fuck , okay?”  I look up from sucking her tits and nod without letting her nipple loose from my lips.
I was trying to search for something I could get excited over ,so my cock would grow ,so I concentrated on just her tits but not much was happening.  Even when she began sucking my cock it only got to being bigger but still floppy.  Every move she made the bed creaked from her weight and when she hovered over me not only her tits but also her belly and even her face fell down.  A plump red face hung in front of mine , licking her lips as if about to kiss me.  “Awww FUCK!” she drawls , “I want to fuckin’ kiss you…. but I can’t!”
She seemed to have become horny herself and ground her mound on mine with a thrusting motion that I should have been doing to her.
The honesty of her desire sparked that connection needed to fuel my loin.  My stiffness instantly felt by Sue who raised her eyebrows , smiling wickedly saying , ” oooh now that’s feeling more like it… you wanna fuck me now don’t cha”.  It wasn’t a question.  Sue grabbed my cock and pointed it inside her then took some weight off me so I could pump into her from underneath , lifting my hips and trying to gather in her swinging tits that were slapping my face.   I’m fairly fit but I soon began to tire.  My concentration was now on just keeping going but my desire had lost it’s edge and I felt like I wasn’t going to be able to cum.   Sue must have realized what was happening because she rested on me and paused ,  she seemed as disappointed as I was.  She rolled off and sucked me, feeling that I was still firm enough she then said “tell ya what luv , let me on top and I’ll show ya somthin’ okay darl”.
She climbs onto my erection then begins a cowgirl style motion , pumping my erection into herself with closed eyes and biting her bottom lip as she held onto my shoulders for support.  It was nice to begin with but then it became faster and harder.
Suddenly I was aware that her belly was more muscle than fat and that her stamina was much more than it had seemed.
She was puffing but it was the short sharp puffs of a distance runner that could do this for hours.  Her action was furious!
A rapid thrusting that began to heat up my cock and thighs like she was trying to start a fire!  Her tits were a blur and the bed rattled but she kept going! I was terrified that if I didn’t cum soon she’d break it or rub it raw!   The fact that she seemed to be riding my cock for her own thrills gave me the link I needed in my mind to trigger my orgasim.   She slowed to a few more pumps then let me loose.
Wiping the sweat off as she calmed down , Sue took a deep breath , ” whoa FUCK that was good..” then in an offside said ” hope you had fun cause I certainly did ha ha” , then she limped to the shower.
I assumed we were done so I followed her having a shower after she had dried off then we both ended up on the bed again.  We began chatting in a very relaxed way even though both naked.  Her love of horses and outdoor lifestyle explained her fitness and ability to ‘ride’ like she did.  We joked about it during our chat when she offered to go again.    I doubted my poor red raw cock could stand any more but it didn’t seem possible for me to say no to a naked lady offering sex, so she sucked me enough to feed me into herself and began again.
I was pretty certain that I couldn’t cum again in the few minutes remaining but she tried her best.  Sue had just begun the ‘steam train puffing’ when the buzzer went.  I was relieved and so was my little dick.
It did make me think though…you just never know what a person would be like in bed till you’ve been there.
I felt a comfort in being with Sue that I could get used to… long as she didn’t wear me out.

I rarely comment on Howie’s posts, because this is his space, but damn, there are some gems in this story. I really enjoyed reading this one, Howie. E H

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Meet Howie… a 53 year old happily married man living in Queensland, Australia. Unfortunately for Howie, his wife is no longer interested in sex. But, Howie still is, and since he loves his wife, and would never be unfaithful, he seeks relief from sex workers. Howie is not a writer, just an ordinary family man who keeps a diary, well hidden I’m sure, here is a page or two.

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6 comments on “Diary Excerpt #28… Guest Post

  1. Marie Rebelle
    July 13, 2020

    Like Elliott said, there are some gems here. You are so right, Howie, we should never judge people from just what we see. I still like that you always have such nice chats with the ladies 🙂
    ~ Marie


    • howie1320
      July 27, 2020

      Once the excitement of the momment fades away it’s the chats that stay with me marie❤Howie


  2. LordRaven
    July 15, 2020

    farm girls know how to ride, great post though


    • howie1320
      August 3, 2020

      Thankyou ❤Howie


  3. MLSlavePuppet
    July 15, 2020

    I like how it only started working for you when there was the desire on her side!


    • howie1320
      July 27, 2020

      Thankyou Marie L , yes even though I know they are only there for the money I really have trouble getting into it unless I can believe they are happy and in some small way like me.❤Howie

      Liked by 1 person

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