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Meeting My Wife… Guest Post

Got a note from Howie…

Hi Elliott.  Some stories you just have to keep to yourself , mostly because no-one would believe you if you told them.
Now with a new forum I can be anonymous by changing her name to tell the secret I’ve kept for 30 years of the strange , secretive , sexy beginning to our relationship. After 30 plus years of marriage the person my wife once had been seems buried deep in history except for my vivid memories that keep me hoping to uncover her sexuality.


My wife and I have known each other forever. We met in church when I was 13 and she was 11. She was a thin bubbly girl that was easy to chat to but always seemed a bit too young and giggly for further interest so I mainly crushed on her best friend who had begun to develop breasts. So each sunday I sat opposite the 2 girls but focused all my attention on D’s chest.
As the years roll on we often see each other yet katie , ( my now wife), was never part of my close group of friends as she had vastly different interests. Where my buddies and I would be bowling , going to movies, hanging out , skating or surfing , Katie would be working , singing and dancing in musicals or entering pageants and going to posh functions.
So our worlds were very different.
Yet anytime we saw each other we got on well , even if all we said was a quick hello after church a dozen times a year for the next 14years till in just one night everything I thought I’d known about her suddenly changed. It all began at a friends place.
Watching a movie after church as we did almost every sunday but this time Katie had joined us.
I’d always liked katie but I had never considered her as a potential girlfriend because we were so different. Even though she looked great , with long curly raven black hair , very long elegant neck , slim but fit body and green eyes that were always glistening as she smiled with very kissable lips.
We all flop into seats as the movie begins.
My heart had jumped a bit when Katie sits beside me on the couch but we were just friends so I nod hello and give a nervous half smile then look towards the TV.
During the movie I tried to act relaxed. I had to look past her so my eyes drifted to her face , then her chest , and then down to her tight , figure hugging jeans. I don’t know how long I was looking at her as I’d drifted off into a fantasy of what her ass might look as I pounded her , but suddenly I was aware katie was looking at me! I was caught checking her out so I sat like a naughty boy half smiling , wondering what she would do or say. The slightest of eyebrow raise and tiny turning up of her lips into a slight smile sent my imagination wild.
She seemed to like my interest!
Taking a deep breath I cooly rested my arm over the back of the seat only to have katie nestle into my chest.
New thoughts and possibilities entered my imagination , flooding my body , and as a result an embarrassing mound bloomed in my jeans. I grab a handy pillow to place on my lap which katie took as an invitation to lay her head down….not helping my problem at all!
Across the room several of my closest buddies were almost falling off their seats while trying to stifle their laughter. They’d seen the whole thing and were in tears , struggling to stay quiet after seeing my frantic efforts to hide my erection.
They were motioning for me to ‘go for it’ , miming what they thought I should be doing to her.
With Katie’s head now on my lap my arm hovered over her chest as I tried to think where would be an acceptable place to put it. Without any hesitation katie held my hand and clutched it to her chest. It wasn’t a sexual connection yet but our fingers had interlaced between her small perky breasts and I felt her head putting pressure on my uncontrolled bulging penis.
After the movie katie quickly left. For a while my buddies and I joked about what had happened but we all agreed it was just a fleeting moment and doubted anything more would happen.
20min after katie had gone I drove home too ,while replaying the scene in my head.
About halfway home I became aware of katie’s car behind me. I was curious why she was behind me but thought little of it till we get to the point where she would normally turn off to go her parents home , but her car kept following me! My heart was racing faster at each intersection as her car kept following….by the time we both drove in my driveway I was very hopeful but waited to see what she was going to say.
We came together at my front door. Katie just smiled so I smiled back and opened my door , we silently walk inside as if it was something we had planned earlier that evening.
Neither of us said a word as she looked around my small home. I had only recently moved in.

Katie asks , “have you been here long?” It had been a couple of months since I bought my little humble home so I had almost no furniture ect , so I awkwardly reply , “not long” , then desperately try to think of something else to say. “Umm , I’d offer you a seat but all I have is this beanbag…..” , then I added without much thought , “well apart from my bed ,ha ha”. My only thought was to fill in the silence yet after I’d said it I realized it might have sounded like I was expecting to take her to my bed! It was honestly the last thing I thought might happen. Realistically from what I’d heard and seen of Katie over the years she was probably a virgin that I couldn’t even imagine ever being naked with a guy.
My best hope at that moment was that we could chat a while and get to know each other before a polite goodnight , possibly with a friendly kiss or 2 is the best I could hope for. I still couldn’t really see the 2 of us going on dates , and certainly not having sex any time soon.
I stammered ,”Oh um , so would you like..?” , I tried to steer her to the beanbag in an effort to brush off my brazen suggestion.
It was then that my life changed!!
Katie said “okay.. , lets see it’s , ….this way is it?”! She then turned to walk through my home with swaying hips.

To be continued…

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Meet Howie… a 53 year old happily married man living in Queensland, Australia. Unfortunately for Howie, his wife is no longer interested in sex. But, Howie still is, and since he loves his wife, and would never be unfaithful, he seeks relief from sex workers. Howie is not a writer, just an ordinary family man who keeps a diary, well hidden I’m sure, here is a page or two.

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7 comments on “Meeting My Wife… Guest Post

  1. slave sindee
    August 22, 2020

    Oh Howie , how wonderful. Thank you for deciding to tell your love story. one doesn’t have to be a writer to tell their life story.
    Looking forward to this love story blossoming.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Marie Rebelle
    August 24, 2020

    Oh my, I am intrigued! Thanks so much for sharing, Howie. Can’t wait to read on!
    ~ Marie


    • howie1320
      August 25, 2020

      And I can’t wait for your comments when you see where this heads🤔😆❤ thankyou Marie
      Love Howie


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