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Diary Excerpt #49… Guest Post

Diary 49…. While looking at porn sights I had noticed private escorting pages that had a huge array of very attractive girls at slightly lower prices than brothels.  For 30min it’s $100 to $120aus (about $71US) where in brothels it’s $140 to $160aus.    I’d gone to almost all of the clubs in my area and was quite happy to do that because they felt safe and clean…. but the photo’s of the private girls were amazing!    Busty , beautiful and hot!    Their profile’s say things like ,’I love to fuck’ , ‘l want to please your every desire’…. and offering ‘girlfriend experience’ and ‘shower together’ along with promises like …’I’m fun and flirty and want to fulfill your sexual desires so just call me , I want you baby’!
Almost all said they were 18 to 20 yrs old but I didn’t want someone that I had nothing in common with so I searched the list and found a 30yr old asian lady and wrote a text saying , HI I’M HOWARD. ARE YOU AVAILABLE TODAY AT 10AM FOR 45MIN.
I sent the text before I could stop myself.
 A few seconds later I get , YES OKAY HONEY , SEE YOU AT 10AM. Then followed a draft text with her address , her fee’s and a list of the things she offers and what she won’t do.  A fairly standard selection of ‘protected sex , massage , oral , shower together, dirty talk , touching , lingerie’ etc… then , ‘don’t kiss’ , no anal , no bareback.
Driving there felt like the first time I went to a brothel all over again.   I was so nervous as to what I’d find when I got there.  Would it be a dingy slum of illegal  immigrants that were forced into sex ….. or maybe a seedy house with a bunch of girls in each bedroom working for some pimp??
I’m so nervous but when I get there it looks like an average small brick house on a busy road , it’s a bit run down but much like many other rental houses in the area.
I park in the driveway between a tall brick fence and nervously tap on the flyscreen door while feeling very exposed to passing traffic and starting to sweat in the bright morning sun.
I felt that every car was watching me and knew exactly what I was doing!
It seemed like forever that I waited…. I knocked again , louder!….I raised my hand to knock a third time but stopped and thought ‘maybe shouldn’t do this?’   I turned to get in my car then heard the door unlock.  I returned to find ‘Rose’ blinking beary eyes at me.
I wasn’t sure if I’d woken up some weary wife by her confused look.
I stammered “um I’m here for 10am”.  I couldn’t think what else I could say that wouldn’t be offensive if I had the wrong address.
Rose yawned and nodded , “oh okay..I thought it was 10PM..come in”
She looked closer to 45 than 30 and looked nothing like her photo’s.
I find out later that its illegal to advertise using a face pic that also shows nipples etc so there tend to be 3 types of pics…verified ones that show face but wearing revealing clothes , un-varified ones that show body but cover the face (real or not) , and illustration only ones that are just any naked photo of the same nationality.
 I followed Rose down the hallway as her slippers scuffed the floor.  She wore a satin slip with a bathrobe hanging over her sunken shoulders.  Her hunched back and flat backside didn’t interest me at all.  We reached the bedroom that was just big enough for the rock solid bed and a chair which she pointed to and said “clothes here” , then she left.    I handed her the cash as she went.
I’d always showered before going to brothels so it had always seemed a waste of time to shower again but it that wasn’t going to be necessary here.  (I’ve never been asked to shower first with private escorts).
I lay naked on the bed for Rose who had washed her face , then dropped her clothes and lay beside me.   Her breasts were average sized and a bit saggy but with dark nipples that stood up when I began sucking them.   I thought I’d better test the limits so I slid my hand down to her pussy.  Rose stopped me with a huff and said “I clean you’re hand”.  I tried to say I was clean but she insisted and wiped carefully.
She turned her large face away if ever I came close to kissing her so I knew that was out.   Her body was barrel shaped but her skin was brown soft and flawless , so after playing with her and sucking nipples I’d become hard.   As soon as she noticed my erection she got a condom out and sucked it onto me then kept sucking for a minute to make sure I was hard enough.  Rose lay back down, poured a handful of oil onto her pussy and spread her legs.   It seemed obvious what I was meant to do next.
I seemed less intimidated by her…. maybe because she wasn’t young or that attractive?.. anyway I was hard and pumped away for a while in either missionary or doggy for the next 10min , then came.    There was almost no reactions from her so it had become fairly boring during sex so I was happy I had managed to cum.  Rose cleaned me up then stopped to point out , “you still hard?”
It had taken only 20min , out of 45 , so I think she was wondering if I wanted to go again but I’d had enough anyway.
She led me to another bedroom that was set with a massage table.  She gave me one of the best massages I’d ever had.
A bonus was that we were both naked and whenever possible she rode my arm as she worked on me ,so all I felt was her furry wetness but it added a little extra to a great massage that went for 30min.  Past my alotted time by 5 min.
Rose wasn’t the best example of a private girl, as most are comparable to escorts in brothels if not better , but you get straight into sex so less time wasted on showers and inspections.  All are legal and checked often so they are still clean and std free.

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Meet Howie… a 53 year old happily married man living in Queensland, Australia. Unfortunately for Howie, his wife is no longer interested in sex. But, Howie still is, and since he loves his wife, and would never be unfaithful, he seeks relief from sex workers. Howie is not a writer, just an ordinary family man who keeps a diary, well hidden I’m sure, here is a page or two.

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3 comments on “Diary Excerpt #49… Guest Post

  1. Marie Rebelle
    November 9, 2020

    At first I thought… oh no, she’s so uninterested, but glad you reached a climax and that massage sounds wonderful!
    ~ Marie


  2. Lisa Stone
    November 11, 2020

    Massage seems to be better than sex


  3. howie1320
    December 5, 2020

    Hi Lisa , thanks for reading my stories.
    In some ways I’m not your average guy because I put a fair amount of importance on building a connection with my sexual partner.
    Even if it’s imagined I need to think in some way what we have is real for me to climax. With Rose there was nothing but the physical touch so an erection was easy but a climax took time.
    In this case the massage was given seemingly of her own goodwill…. so in a way , it was better than the sex🤔👌


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