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Diary Excerpt #72… Guest Post

#72… I was driving home thinking ‘what the hell was that!’.
I’d seen an add for a ‘mature’ escort under the heading of ‘cheapest in town’.  I’d read the profile but it seemed unusual.  Sure it was the cheapest…about half the cost of the other cheap escorts … but not only that , she had a list of prices for her special!  After reading in detail it seemed for $20 extra I could have anal sex.  Even including the ‘special’ the cost of 30min was $80.
It seemed worth a try if just for the experience.   Her add had her age at 49 but the images were of a much younger looking girls body so I gathered they were fake , as many are.
I arrived at a dumpy little house in a prime , inner city location and knocked.   I heard running in slippered feet and the door flung open.  She looked at least 60yrs old if looking just at her face.  A wrinkled chinese old lady , slightly hunched over in a  permanent bow.
Her body was wrapped in a faded silk robe hastily tied at the waist but it seemed she was fit and slim.  She tugged my arm , pulling me inside as she looked past me as if I’d been followed.  Rushing me in saying ” come come come!”.  Then scuffled off quickly waving me on to follow , stopping at the doorway to the bedroom , pushing me inside as if she couldn’t wait for my indecision.
I went to get some cash out but she waved me off repeating ..”naked , naked , naked”.    She shuffled to the other corner , flung her robe off , stepped out of her slippers , then lay on the bed preparing her pussy with lubricant.  I was still removing my shoes!
Incredibly her body was one most girls in their 30s would kill for!   Her skin was smooth brown and flawless.  It seemed all her wrinkles stayed in her face!   Even her breasts , though slightly saggy , were a nice handfull.  Her small stature and shaved pussy gave her a wierd combination of a schoolgirl body with a ganny’s face.
Then it got even more wierd!
Her nipples sat tall and prominent but before I could suck them she apologized in a strong accent , “sorry , no nipple an no cunt lick okay”.     ” Too many man’s …suck so hard!… suck suck suck! …an cunt too many big dick…so what you want to do?”
We were naked and I was kneeling between her impressively flexible outstretched legs so I thought it was obvious but then she offered ,”you want cunt sex first or anal?”.  It took me a second to think as I wasn’t that sure I wanted either.
She looked down at my cock, which I was impressed that it was fairly solid but not stiff, then she offered , “I suck first then fuck okay?”
I began moving to get into a better blowing position when she latched onto my bare cock a began sucking.  I had to stand up and turn around then lay down while I had her attached to me , swallowing my cock deep down her throat.
Suddenly I was hard.  As soon as she was satisfied with my firmness she grabbed a condom without looking away or missing a beat and sucked it on then squatted over me.  If I had a stopwatch I think it would have been 3 seconds from sucking bare cock to jumping up and down on my covered cock.    A very practiced move!
I couldn’t help myself ,as her tits bounced in front of my face , I hung my tongue out to touch her long hard nipples.  She nodded and said its okay if I’m gentle like that.
After a minute of riding me she asked ,”anal now or doggie first?”  I took the doggie option.
Her bum was firm , amazingly so for her age , so in doggie with her face hidden by her long black hair it became easier to imagine I was with a much younger hot girl.    “You anal now?” She called back to me.  I said yes.  Balancing on her head she spread a handful of oil on her asshole then said , “okay fuck ass now”.   I pulled out then slid straight in.
I’ve never really understood why guys love anal so much if theres a perfectly good pussy there to use.  Maybe some are tighter but with this lady I couldn’t tell the difference.    I was pumping away but not getting the emotional connection I need for ejaculation.
So she offered “I suck n eat cum?”.    My wifes first blowjob on me had ended in her swallowing a huge load of mine which was fantastic but that was thirty years ago,that was the only time a girl has swallowed so I was a little bit keen.    With the condom off she curled up between my outstretched legs seeming like a tiny girl yet with a wrinkled face looking up. I pulled her hair over her head and held one hand ontop as she sucked , she stuck her tongue out in time to catch the spurts as I came.
She then stood up , picked up her robe and stepped into her slippers , then rushed out wiping cum off her face.  By the time I’d dressed she was on the phone with the robe draped over her shoulders exposing most of her nudity ,saying ,”..yeh come come , come now, yeh..”
As she listened she took the phone from her mouth and asked “how much?”.
This was so wierd! It was as if we were about to bargain over the price of a mango!
I took out a couple of $50s and she nodded happily and pointed to the door as she went back to the guy on the phone.
I may have paid too much but it seemed strange to argue over money when she still had traces of my cum on her lips.
Another guy drove in just as I opened the door so we ignore each other and I drive away.
It struck me that even at her low rate , with her high turnover ,she must be earning a lot… there was no sign of wealth on her so I like to think that back in china there’s a whole village of poor relatives who are living better lives thanks to one granny’s sacrifice??….maybe not?

I really enjoyed this story and would love to have met this ‘granny’. EH

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Meet Howie… a 54 year old happily married man living in Queensland, Australia. Unfortunately for Howie, his wife is no longer interested in sex. But, Howie still is, and since he loves his wife, and would never be unfaithful, he seeks relief from sex workers. Howie is not a writer, just an ordinary family man who keeps a diary, well hidden I’m sure, here is a page or two. E H

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7 comments on “Diary Excerpt #72… Guest Post

  1. Posy Churchgate
    January 10, 2021

    This felt like quite a confusing experience for Howie, but I’m glad he got his satisfaction -very interesting that her body seemed so young while her face was not! I think I would’ve found someone behaving in such a perfunctory manner a bit off putting.


    • howie1320
      January 13, 2021

      Thanks posy , it really was off putting. Some guys might like ‘cum dumps’ (a terrible term I’d not normally use) , but I need to imagine it’s mutually fun. This was just someone useing her body to make money like any labourer doing physical work.😗


  2. Marie Rebelle
    January 11, 2021

    Aww Howie, that last thought is so sweet, but indeed, such a weird experience this. Was she doing phone sex when you left?
    ~ Marie

    Liked by 1 person

    • howie1320
      January 13, 2021

      It was a bit wierd marie. No she was lineing up another guy…. probably fitting him in after the one that followed me as I left.
      Got to admire the stamina….maybe why she kept so fit at her age lol.


  3. MrsK
    January 13, 2021

    Howie’s life is something, I must say. Also, those old(er) ladies probably know all the best secrets. Good for her!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Lisa Stone
    January 14, 2021

    But there was also something good about this date


  5. Mary Wood
    February 6, 2021

    It’s good that at least her body looked young


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